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And I proudly present to you: the European Software Testers Benchmark

  • 14/11/2011
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It is a great day for me, after a successful introduction in the Netherlands, I am very proud to present to you the European Software Testers Benchmark. Last year I posted a blog that the benchmark started in Holland and at the Dutch Testnet Autumn conference I presented the first results (the results and this announcement are also available in the video below).

And now it is time for the European testers to fill in the questionnaire.

What is all about? The word benchmark suggests the possibility of making comparisons and I am aiming at two levels.

First of all it is about you, the software tester. It will be possible to compare yourself to other European testers: your backgrounds, your education, what kind of organization are you working for, etc. It is also about the way you work as tester: e.g. what are your favorite test techniques, from which point on are involved in a project and who many or your test colleagues are using master test plans compared to you?

We have to wait to see the second comparison because this will be done in time. After this first European Benchmark more benchmarks must follow, say every two or three years. Then we will see the major changes in the world of testing: e.g. will agile take over and become the most important method for developing software?

The questions of the benchmark are brought together in a motto:

Tester @ work, because it is about you, the tester. It is about the organization were you are testing (and this can differ from the organization which pays your salary) and it is about how you do your test work.

But before we can make these comparisons and we will know everything about the [email protected] we need data. We need you, to fill in a questionnaire of 40 questions (in 10 minutes time) and in the spring of 2012 the first results will be published in a e-book brought to you by EuroSTAR.

So go to or and fill in the questionnaire and also ask all your colleagues to do the same!

Besides filling it in at home, it will be possible to fill it in at the EuroSTAR conference. You will find computers available at the lobby.

If you want to know more about the benchmark? Please contact me at [email protected]

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