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Provactive test management part 2, by Ard Kramer

  • 14/10/2010
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After my first example of provocative test management, it is time for part 2, how to coach your colleagues to achieve high quality using humor.

Provocative action.

This method can be used when somebody always works in the same pattern and other actions haven’t worked so far.

An example: you have to work with a developer who doesn’t test his own work. You tried everything to let him do his test job but nothing worked so far.

You have to give him an assignment to break his pattern.   In this example you could give him the following assignment after handing over the software: he must sit next to the tester while the tester is doing the first tests. Every time the tester finds a bug, the developer has to step up the desk and clap his hands while yelling “a bug, a bug”.

Explain this assignment in clear steps, believe in it and use the “yes-trap”,which entails you use questions to explain the assignment, formulated in such a way that the answers can only be ‘yes’ . So the first question can be, ‘bugs in programs are annoying?’, followed by ‘you have to solve those bugs, haven’t you?’, so ‘you want to sit close to the tester to get input about the bug?’. Then I have a simple assignment and you explain the assignment.

This provocative action will help the developer to change his behavior and you will have complete new exit criteria after running your tests J

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