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Provactive test management part 3, by Ard Kramer

  • 15/10/2010
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After two examples of provocative test management, it is time for part 3, how to coach your colleagues to achieve high quality using humor.

“It is not going to work”

This method can be used to make someone stronger and more realistic in his own opportunities to solve the problem at hand.

An example:  the hardware is not good enough and the hardware expert has some ideas on how to solve the problem but isn’t convinced that he can do it.

The hardware expert tells you about the solution he was thinking about and your first reaction will be ‘nice solution but it will never be good enough to improve the performance we want to have’. Then you describe as in a movie what you see what will happen if he tries to solve the problem, eg “you will not be able to ask somebody else to help you” and “you can’t convince your teamleader that this is a good solution”. Then you end with the remark: ‘or am I wrong?’. If the reaction of the hardware expert is “I will do the job”, then ask him how he is going to do it. Encourage him but keep stating problems you see (which he has to solve) and stop when you see that he is convinced that he CAN solve the problem.

This technique is a fishing technique; you have to through some bite to get a bigger fish.

With this approach you can help others in your project improving the quality and reaching your goals!

This was my last blog for BlogSTAR I want to thank EuroSTAR for giving me the possibility to blog around in the test world. See you in Copenhagen!

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