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Provocative test management, part 1 by Ard Kramer

  • 16/09/2010
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As a test manager you have an important role in coaching your colleagues in achieving high quality. Provocative coaching with humour will help you achieve your goal!

Let’s start with an example of a provocative approach

The seesaw approach:

You just state a clear opinion to your project manager, for example:

‘The code of the software is real garbage, it is not programmed according to the standards and I can’t see any structure in it, unbelievable’. So it is really a great risk in your project.

You then make a remark, just out of the blue, in the opposite direction:

‘At the other hand, it performs great and the functionality is correct’.

Your project manager will be left behind in confusion but you’ve made clear that he must decide what is most important to him in his project: quick deliverance with a lousy quality or extra quality checks on the code and maintainable software? You can use the seesaw a few times in the same conversation going from one side to another and make the confusion even greater.

You will help your project manager to look at his challenges from different points of view and force him to make decision. And as test manager you finally know what the project manager stands for.

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