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In Pursuit of Quality

  • 12/05/2011
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I started my career in ‘the business’ and seemed to spend a lot of my time complaining about the quality of software that was delivered to me, eventually in the mid 1990’s I was ‘invited’ to join the IT team to head up the new IT System Test Team. I was very surprised to see just how little effort was put into ensuring that ‘the business’ got what they wanted. It was a different time to today when Finance company IT departments were mainly staffed by ex business people, whom the business trusted them to deliver. So started my journey in pursuit of quality within IT.

The IT Test team seemed as good a place as any to embed some quality. But how…

This is an extract from the EuroSTAR eBook ‘In Pursuit of Quality.’ In this eBook, Geoff Thompson and previous EuroSTAR Programme Chairs including Bob van de Burgt, Dorothy Graham, Jens Pas and Stuart Reid have each contributed an article in relation to this year’s conference theme.

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