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Here I am , this is me and I have put forth some testing tees for u 2 see :)

  • 06/10/2010
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Hello   everybody!

This is my first post here at BlogSTAR , hence, thought of keeping it short and sweet

I enjoy collecting quotes, one liners on varied topics.  Whenever I come across a good quote, one liner , I make note of it   . At the workplace as well, one tends to find interesting testing quotes written on the individual desk boards, common graffiti boards. On a ‘stress testing day ‘ at work , just glancing at these lines will help bring a smile  J

So here in this post I have picked four  testing related witty quotes and  used them to design some T-shirts . (Of course I ain’t a great designer so please bear with me on that front)

matthew 1_498x230

If you have some whacky , funny lines related to Testing , you may share them with me in the comments section . I shall be looking forward to your replies  And maybe we can select the best one and ask the EuroSTAR team to gift the winner an actual T-shirt . Wat say people ?


Twiz  …. The testing quiz

To make the posts more enjoyable and interactive  , I plan to ask a simple testing question in each of my posts .  So the first question that comes your way is  ( don’t worry it’s a simple one J  )

‘A chemical element with the atomic number 34 , also happens to be the name of a testing tool  ‘ .

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