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Ready, Set, Go! – EuroSTAR 2018

  • 12/11/2018
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  • Posted by Nicola

As a first-timer at the EuroSTAR Conference as a participant and a reporter, I am equally thrilled and excited about this excellent opportunity. Being a reporter for EuroSTAR 2018 is one of the most fantastic chance to enjoy and showcase the successful best practices with high energy, fun and celebration.


This event is going to be a wealth of information on topics like Bitcoin, Microservices, IOT, Security, Automation, Test practices and much more. I am really excited and eagerly looking forward to attending this conference and ready to experience all the information-rich experience packed full of great sessions, keynotes and a fantastic networking party.


This year’s conference provides several ways for Software testers to explore technology with different topics and there is a service expo to check out new technologies, the latest software tools and services. I am listing down the various ways that I have planned to engage myself and side by side I am also providing information for others to make the most out of this conference.



Learn Through Workshops

Workshops are the best ways to practice ideas and gaining proficiency in a field where we see ourselves growing. EuroSTAR workshop is one such opportunity to sharpen your skills. It brings up the bar for software testing conferences with an all-star speaker lineup including Alan Richardson, Rob Sabourin, Michael Bolton, Isabel Evans and so on. I am sure these workshop sessions are going to feed us with lots of practical ideas that can be immediately put to work when we’re back to our office.

If you haven’t had a chance to know more about the people who conduct tutorials at EuroSTAR 2018 to help you decide what to attend based on your interest, don’t worry I got it covered, here is a short introduction about them.

  1. Alan Richardson – Agile Development Coach, Mentor and author of 4 books. Popularly known as Eviltester
  2. Rob Sabourin – Professor of Software Engineering at McGill University has thirty-five years of experience in leading teams of software development professionals. 
  3. Michael Bolton – Developed Rapid Software Testing methodology along with James Bach and helps to solve the testing problem around the world
  4. Isabel Evans – Winner of the EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award 2017. A popular speaker and story-teller at software conferences worldwide.
  5. Andrew Brown – Developed an independent line of research and produced a new approach to defect reduction and published several papers.
  6. Iris Pinkster-O’Riordain – Won the EuroSTAR award for “Best Tutorial” and was a Program Chair for the EuroSTAR 2017 Conference, co-developed Logica’s method for structured testing.
  7. Fran O’Hara – Providing agile/lean coaching. Co-organizer of Agile Tour Ireland and Co-founder of the Irish SIG in Software Testing. His tutorial was voted as the best tutorial at EuroSTAR 2016.
  8. Mais Tawfik Ashkar – A former SQUAD board member, experienced with leading and implementing performance engineering and data analytics solutions at the enterprise level for highly complex, integrated, and distributed systems.
  9. Rik Marselis – Management Consultant at Sogeti. A well-appreciated presenter, trainer, author, consultant and coach in the world of testing. His focus is on Testing OF AI&Robotics and Testing WITH AI&Robotics.
  10. Dorothy Graham – Was awarded the European Excellence Award in Software Testing in 1999 and the first ISTQB Excellence Award in 2012. Co-author of 4 books. Has been in software testing for over 40 years.


Get Inspired Through Keynote Talks

Conference attendees may find a newly acquired burst of energy and desire to perform their best through different keynote talks, which in turn leads to increased productivity and more profitable business.

This year’s conference is packed with five inspiring Keynote talks of following speakers


  1. Alan Richardson – His talk is about the first principles that help us to improve our knowledge, experience and skills.
  2. Robert Sabourin – His talk is about how to turn our product ignorance into a testing superpower.
  3. Sal Freudenberg – She is going to talk about the problems about the process and methods followed in testing and a solution to help our products, teams and organizations to reach best results.   
  4. James Christie – He is going to shed us some light with his experience working with complex systems as a tester, developer and auditor.
  5. Karen Johnson – She is going to help us find the ultimate purpose in our overall testing career.



Overcome Your Adversity

All the sessions of EuroSTAR 2018 are aligned to help test professionals with different background and to discuss the exciting future of testing with emerging tech trends.  With the great lineup of inspiring talks and different tracks this year, it looks great. Tracks that makes me wonder and inspire are Bitcoin, Security & AI. Also due to the different interesting tracks, there are some sessions I wish I could attend them in parallel.


Build Connections

In addition to learning new things, networking can build a new professional relationship. A lean Coffee session, Couch Conversation Sessions, 5k Fun Run is there to help you out. Not to spend time on socializing leads is to miss out the excellent networking session which could potentially help you in forming friendships. I have met some of my good friends at conferences. So, don’t miss a treat by heading back to the hotel after the conference.


Expose Your Testing Skills at Test-Lab

A lot is going on at EuroSTAR conference, make sure to save some time to visit the test lab. Because this is a place to learn something new outside your traditional classroom environment. This year at the Test Lab you can expect robots, games, test practical sessions and lots more. This already sounds more interesting to me and looking forward to learning something new to spice up my whole experience at EuroSTAR 2018.


Have Fun

Not but not least don’t forget to have some fun. Although you are at EuroSTAR to learn stuff, to network and to gain insights on testing, it is also valuable to have fun. Here is some most straightforward way to have fun, seek out some like-minded people through networking, join test huddle and engage yourself in discussions, chat with people and engage in activities, take plenty of photos. If nothing works out, then find me at the conference and let’s get into the business :D


I hope this post will be helpful for you to decide on what are the sessions to attend, where to go and what not to miss this year. I will be glad to meet you at any of these sessions and events. You can also follow me closely in Test Huddle posts. Can’t wait to see you all soon at EuroSTAR 2018.




Darwin S. 

Community Reporter for EuroSTAR 2018

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