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EuroSTAR Real Customer Case Study Winner 2018

  • 05/10/2018
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The real customer case study was desgined to bring the Expo venders closer to the action with a simplified route to the conference programme as opposed to the rigirous programme selection process. Exhibitors have a 1 in 30 chance of featuring on the programme using this method rather than a 1 in 350 through the Call for Speakers.

EuroSTAR is pleased to announce that XPAND IT and their customer Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) will present their XRAY test management transformation story at the World Forum in The Hague, Netherlands.

Join Andreas Wieczorek, Senior Test Manager and Team Leader at SBB, to learn how XRAY helped Swiss Federal Railways move 25.000+ test cases from HP ALM in just 6 months, and paid for itself in only 3 months. 12 years of HP ALM lock-in was no match for XRAY’s cutting-edge UX and integrations into the rest of SBB’s development toolchain. Now, even teams without a prior test management tool come to use XRAY.

See how SBB “will never be the same” after switching to XRAY. Join the session on Thursday (15th November) at 10.00 AM.


About Swiss Federal Railways 

SBB manages day-to-day rail operations for the Swiss public transport system. 

Switzerland opened its federal railway system in 1902. Today, more than 33.000 employees in 140 different professions, along with 600 self-developed and several off-the-shelf applications work together to operate an internationally integrated railway network. Despite the size, SBB maintains the world’s most accurate arrival and departure schedule. The Swiss railway system is a model for other railways around the globe.

The Challenge

SBB used HP ALM for 12 years. More than 100.000 test cases, many more test runs and 1.000+ trained employees helped ensure that operations stay on track.

However, many users refused to use HP ALM because of its poor UX and missing critical integrations to the development toolchain. Many teams encountered significant communication problems from using different terms for the same things, which made the problem worse. 

The Solution

After adopting XRAY, SBB can give everyone access to the tool for the same cost as 10 user licenses in HP ALM. All employees now benefit from managing their tests and executions in XRAY and Jira, with all the power of customized screens, fields and workflows for both manual and automated tests. SBB significantly increased collaboration between teams (technical and non-technical) by merely adopting a well-integrated test management tool like XRAY.



About XRAY

XRAY is a complete test management tool for both manual and automated tests. It is seamlessly integrated with Jira, providing a vital component of an end-to-end application lifecycle management tool. XRAY supports the entire testing lifecycle: planning, specification, test organization (flat or hierarchical), execution and reporting. XRAY also supports manual and automated tests run with Cucumber, with native integrations with frameworks like JUnit, NUnit and Robot.


Drop by booth 23 in the expo hall to learn more about how XRAY can transform the way you and your team work.

Congratulations to XPAND IT and SBB. See you in November!



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