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Sailing the 3 of C’s of Software Testing – By Adam Brown

  • 07/10/2010
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The 3 C’s of software testing: “Collaboration Collaboration Collaboration”.

Software Testing can be a quite lonely and isolated profession at times. I’ll admit that I like nothing more than when I’m elbow deep in an application to sit with my headphones on listening to Metallica on full-knacker! Call that anti-social or rude, but I find it really motivating… also I’m very easily distracted, and find that I get drawn into conversations very easily.

One thing I’ve found to be incredibly valuable, is the opinions and experience of my fellow Testers.

What I’ve found whilst working on a large project is that you quickly become over confident in your abilities. You’ve been going to all the meetings since the project’s inception and helped design it, why wouldn’t you feel confident that you knew the best way to test it? I’ll compare this to the blinkers people put on horses to keep them focused. When you’re so focused on a project it’s hard to stop yourself from putting the blinkers on and ignoring what’s going on around you.

Now, if you are the sole tester on a project, the idea of collaborating with other testers who know nothing about the project may seem like a strange suggestion, however I’ve found other people’s suggestions during the course of the project incredibly valuable. You may feel insulted that someone has the cheek to suggest how to test your application and to some people this is like someone telling them how to raise their kids. I’ll admit that a lot the of the suggestions from other testers were areas that had already been thought of and already been tested, but there were a few good suggestions on what/how to test and areas that I’d not even thought of which have resulted in finding defects.

Where I’m going with this is that even though you are the sole tester on a project, don’t immediately poo-poo other people’s suggestions. Take the time to listen to other people’s ideas even if they are not immediately involved with the project you are working on. Even if it’s a silly suggestion, it can still lead to finding something great!

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