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Shubhra Maji’s Community Choice Submission

  • 02/05/2012
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shubhra - community choice speaker_134x172Presentation Title: TiP it! – Testing in Production for Agile Testers

Company: Microsoft Corporation

Country: India

Testers have been doing a great job in finding bugs before customers do. That applies well in the conventional software service model. But with more and more SaaS/Cloud applications being deployed into production, one can increasingly see a shift in this paradigm. Does “Test first ship next” really matter in the context of shorter release cycles, scalability and integration?

For example, think of services such as social networking, online retail and internet search engines with millions and billions of monthly visitors. With such huge scales of release, it is next to impossible for such service providers to be looking for every single major bug before each hourly release. “Ship first, test next” is the way to go for agile testers in these scenarios. That being said, can one’s staging environment truly replicate such highly scalable and complex production environment? The answer is partly yes. Testing in Production solves a lot of these problems if a tester can implement the right practices to gain optimal quality of service in “real” world scenarios.

In this presentation, I would like to pick examples from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon and explain how a TiP model works in these organizations. Then, I would walk into the shoes of an agile tester and describe her role as a Tester in Production. I would also discuss best practices for Web and Performance testing such as A/B Testing, Exposure Control, Shadowing etc. and demonstrate how testing Cloud services jells well with TiP.

Walk away with knowledge of Testing in Production Learn what others are doing in Testing in Production space from real case studies Understand prevalent TiP methodologies and identify practices that best suit one’s production setup.


Shubhra Maji is a Program Manager of Visual Studio Test Tools product. An MBA graduate from Indian School of Business, Shubhra has 7 years of experience as a developer, consultant, technical architect and product manager with extensive experience in Enterprise Applications, Business Intelligence and Content Management.

Apart from owning the automation testing capabilities in Visual Studio, Shubhra’s role in Microsoft primarily revolves around assisting Microsoft customers and engaging with Microsoft partners in the testing space while laying roadmap for the product. Shubhra blogs at . To learn more about Shubhra, please check her LinkedIn profile at

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