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[BOOKED OUT] Conference Awards Night 2017

The 2017 Conference Awards Night is now fully booked out – waiting list in operation!

Prepare to be entertained!

As EuroSTAR prepares to celebrate our 25th annual software testing conference, we look forward in anticipation to a truly spectacular night’s entertainment for our showcase social event. Take a sneak peek at the video below:

On Wednesday 8th November, the EuroSTAR 2017 Conference Awards Night will take place in the magnificent surroundings of Wallman’s 19th century Circus Building in Copenhagen.

The Conference Awards Dinner showcases the best of EuroSTAR and the night includes a sit down meal, fabulous live entertainment and the presentation of the Conference Awards including the 19th annual Testing Excellence Award as well as the Best Tutorial Award and Best Conference Paper Award.

What to Expect

Join us as we celebrate our 25th EuroSTAR Conference in style for what promises to be a magical evening under the dome of this iconic 19th century circular building.

The historic Circus Building, dating from 1886, is now equipped with both surround sound and surround view. That means you can look forward to an entirely unrivalled experience. You will be absolutely and utterly surrounded by impressions from the show, making the whole experience extremely powerful and astounding.
Under the magnificent dome of the Circus Hall, all your senses are guaranteed to be stimulated during the course of four hours with exquisite food and a show that will have you laughing, marvelling and holding your breath in suspense! You get a unique experience which only exists in Las Vegas, Berlin and Paris.

There are short breaks in between each act, giving you time to take in all the impressions and enjoy each other’s company. But watch out for performers in your soup! At Wallmans, the entertainment is not confined to the stage, but can be found in all corners of the Circus Hall. When the performers are not singing on stage or swinging from the chandeliers, one of them may appear by your table to ask if there is anything you need. In other words, expect to get up close with the experience and become part of it!

The event begins from 7pm with buses to and from the venue departing from outside the Bella Center.

About Wallman’s Circus Building

In 1982 the City of Copenhagen began a comprehensive and thorough renovation of the Circus Building with the objective of restoring it to its original appearance. That led to highlighting the distinctive architecture of the Circus Building with the enormous dome, the arched corridors, the festive lobby, the coloured seating and the special circus atmosphere. Meanwhile, everything was given a highly successful, extra touch with the unique colours selected by the architect, Verner Panton.

After the restoration both the Circus Building itself and Verner Panton’s colour scheme were listed. This meant that the future of the Circus Building was secured as a significant part of the city’s cultural life. After the renovation, the City of Copenhagen outsourced the management of the building, first to Tivoli (1984-1996) and then to Parken (1997-2002).

The Circus Building on Axeltorv in the heart of Copenhagen is the oldest of its kind in Europe. This magnificent Circus Building was inaugurated with an enormous public celebration in Copenhagen on 8 May 1886. Since then, the building has played host to a wide variety of Danish and international circus troupes. From 2003 the spectacular Wallmans Dinnershow has been the Circus Building’s resident entertainment.

More than one million guests have visited Wallmans since 2004 to be entertained and treated by the thousands of different impressions you can experience through an evening.

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