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Test Lab Party

On the 2nd of November 2016, we held the first ever Test Lab Party at EuroSTAR. We didn’t quite know what to expect from this newest addition to the EuroSTAR social calendar but it was AWESOME! This event has grown to become a marque event in attendees EuroSTAR calendar.We invite you to join us on Tuesday 13th November for the third edition of the Test Lab Party.

In you haven’t joined been a part of this exciting party before, you can find out what it’s all about below;

This isn’t a formal sit down dinner. It’s different – much like the Test Lab, the party depends on the participation of it’s attendees. Last year we had food & drink, music, a DJ, dancing, some great conversation and it made for a special night.

We predict this year will be even more exciting with Test Lab celebrating it’s 10th anniversary and with the party moving to a special venue for the first time. 

Crazy Piano’s at Scheveningen Beach is our host this year. It is ultimate entertainment hotspot in The Hague. The centrally placed piano features some of the best musicians in the Netherlands playing music from the last four decades. 

Join the 2018 Test Lab Crew for the Test Lab After-Party with the opportunity to unwind with like-minded testers and share your passion for the craft of software testing. 

If you love testing and love the Test Lab, you’re going to love the Party.

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