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Software Testing with a concussion by Adam Brown

  • 20/09/2010
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I recently had a little accident at work, and thought I’d share it with you

Last Monday, I very nearly knocked myself out on the way in to work. The metal shutter above the door was still down and I only realised this when I was doubled over in pain, clutching my head and going through a comprehensive list of expletives.

Quite naively, I thought I was fine and tried to carry on with my work. I realised very quickly that I wasn’t fine and decided to go and get myself checked out at lunch. I was referred to A&E by the drop in centre and after a quick check, it turns out it was nothing major; just a concussion.

So, can you test with a concussion? No. No you can’t. This is what testing with a concussion looks like:


I think it was when my work looked like this I realised something was wrong. I was looking at an error report for about an hour trying to figure out what the problem was. The next day I spotted it in 30 seconds!

The irony is that our profession is all about being observant and seeing what’s directly in front of you…

Needless to say that I’ll be more observant in future.

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