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Beren Van Daele

Isle of IT


I lead a company: Together, with like-minded people who value communication and transparency above all else. We wish to grow a company that enables people to be themselves. Experts to the outside, a fellowship on the inside. Each member has the freedom to pursue their own merit, whatever that looks like, while also bearing a responsibility to the continuation and growth of the company. With full transparency, we aim to facilitate communication between members to find a balance that makes sense for themselves.

I am a consultant: I am a freelance consultant who shapes software delivery teams to improve on their work and their understanding of quality. Sometimes Software Tester, sometimes Product Owner, I travel around, meeting software crafters all across Europe to learn from and teach. I create things: TestSphere, a testing card game that inspires and supports knowledge sharing; RiskStorming, a workshop that focuses the team on quality and risks. I run a conference & meetup: BREWT is a place where software testing experts & peers share knowledge and learn from one another. Want to know more? Isle of Testing, BREWTconf, Testsphere

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