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Nathalie van Delft

Capgemini Netherlands


Nathalie is an energetic, passionate and ambitious software and system test manager, test architect and –adviser. She puts the the question mark behind technological solutions and digital innovations.
Since 2004 she participated in and lead various projects in the financial domain, retail domain and public transport and has gained a solid experience with testing, coordinating and managing test activities within a diverse palette of development and management methods -including Prince2, IAD, SCRUM and SAFe- and types of organization.
As a true “TestPassionista” she’s very active in her area of expertise as (inter)national speaker, publicist and board member of the BNTQB. As ‘FunTESTic’ she puts the fun into testing and she’s even embedded testing in her hobby as Casualty Simulation victim, where she ‘test’ first-aiders, first responders and medical personnel.

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