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Nevin Koteva

Musala Soft


Nevin Koteva is a Software Test Architect at Musala Soft with 8 years of professional experience in
the area of software testing and Quality Assurance. She has been part of teams delivering products in various business domains – Financial services, Healthcare and most recently Internet of Things. Since joining Musala Soft almost 3 years ago she has been part of the Smarthome initiative of Deutsche Telekom – Qivicon (www.qivicon.com) as automation QA engineer. Her main responsibilities within the team are development and maintaining of an Automation framework for the Qivicon platform – this is a Connected Home product combining Smart connected devices from different manufacturers into a common gateway centric solution that allows its customers to manage their homes remotely. This has given her the unique opportunity to research and implement different technologies in order to automate the diverse set of test scenarios combining both software and hardware testing. Besides her work on the project she is involved in several internal initiatives in the company for developing and presenting Quality assurance and Automation testing trainings.

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