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Ola Løvholm

Sopra Steria


Ola Løvholm is an Oslo-based technical tester and software developer working in the test department of Sopra Steria. Through several large-scale and complex IT projects, he has worked with test data management and the development of tools and methodologies to facilitate easier testing. In addition, he has together with Martin led the Technical Testing group at Sopra Steria Scandinavia. For several years, Ola has had an interest in data, and before working more specifically with testing, he wrote a master thesis on open public data and worked with data analysis in research. In his spare time, he works with hobbyist coding projects and enjoys the recreational qualities of nature.

Martin Sommervold has worked in software development, DevOps, technical test and test management for over a decade. He’s been a part of both small and large software development projects, and has gravitated towards building support systems for the development process. A big fan of hipster-driven development (new and shiny!) and can’t keep his fingers away from new technologies. Works with Ola at Sopra Steria, and is educated in the field of design, use and interaction. Likes dogs that are not his own. 

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