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Parimala Hariprasad

Amadeus Software Labs


Parimala Hariprasad is a Senior UX Architect / Senior Product Manager for Mobile Competency Center at Amadeus Software Labs, Bangalore. She spent her youth studying people and philosophy, and she applies her learnings to create delightful experiences for users. She is an aspiring UX Alchemist with great love for Product Management, UX Strategy, Interaction Design, Expert Reviews, Accessibility and User Tests. Parimala has experienced the transition from web to mobile and emphasizes the need for Design Thinking while creating great products. Over last few years, she has had the opportunity to join fantastic international line-ups of speakers at CAST 2014, STAREAST 2015, STARWEST 2015, Tech Summit 2015, UX Day 2016, We Test 2016, Oredev 2017, Test Bash 2018 and UX Day 2018. Gleaning from her experiences at Oracle, McAfee, Moolya, Amadeus and Scores of Startups, she frequently rants about Mobile UX on her blog (https://www.linkedin.com/in/parimalahariprasad/detail/recent-activity/posts/. You can read about her speaking adventures at http://curioustester.blogspot.com/p/speaking.html. You can follow Parimala on twitter (@PariHariprasad), or LinkedIn (http://linkedin.com/in/parimalahariprasad).

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