Our 2019 EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference Committee
will be announced shortly.


A huge thank you to our 2018 EuroSTAR Conference Committee which was chaired by Rikard Edgren (Sweden) and supported by the programme committee comprising Anna Elmsjö (Sweden), Helena Jeret-Mäe (Estonia), Joris Meerts (Netherlands) and Zoltán Molnár (Hungary).

  • Anna Elmsjö (SE)

    Anna Elmsjö was a developer who started out as a very reluctant tester back in the day but soon found that her curiosity and talent for poking holes in things made her enjoy testing way too much to ever go back into developing. She has been in the business of learning about systems by trying to break them since 2003 and will probably never stop, although her focus now is more on coaching other testers and on the development process as a whole. Having worked more than 20 years in systems development she has seen many methods and practises come and go and is up for debating the pros and cons of agile, waterfall, iterations etc pretty much anytime! Not to mention group development, the testing roll and how to get the team on board, when it comes to test.


    Helena Jeret-Mäe (EE)

    Helena is ​inspired by people, curious about systems, driven by learning new things, passionate about testing and quality, and excited by solving problems. Her official degree is in English Language and Literature, however, during the past 10 years she’s been in tech, she’s taken several roles ranging from technical writing to leading a test team to being a competency head, all of which have provided the building blocks of becoming a “context-driven quality facilitator and change artist”. Helena has taken the dive into testing and quality issues, helping teams understand what quality means to them, how testing is just one part of improving it, and how to have meaningful conversations about quality. To her surprise, Helena has discovered that trying to improve how testing is done has pushed her further into studying how to improve processes and communication.


    Joris Meerts (NL)

    Joris Meerts is a test consultant for Improve Quality Services in the Netherlands. He is a passionate software tester who likes to explore the boundaries of the craft, looking for ways to do testing better. Joris is the author of the History of Software Testing, which can be found on his website Testing References. He likes to speak and publish on the topics of testing history, software testing fairy tales and on the use of test automation. He is a member of the Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing.

  • Zoltán Molnár (HU)

    Zoltán has almost 20 years of testing experience in different technical and management roles, mostly in the telecommunications area. He is a self-directed, passionate learner who enjoys the intellectual richness behind testing, especially the context-driven school. Nowadays he works as a test framework developer. He occasionally acts as an instructor of BBST courses both for AST and Altom

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