Speaking at the EuroSTAR Conference

The search for inspiration – coming up with the perfect proposal. What will I talk about?

Anxiety – hitting the submit button. Will it be good enough?

Joy – receiving the e-mail from Siobhan saying you made the programme. I’m in!!!

bug on a friday

Nerves – standing up on stage in front of your peers. Here we go…

Relief – when you hear the applause at the end of the session. I’m so glad they liked it!

wolf applause

Sadness – when the conference is all over. That went too fast :(

The EuroSTAR Conference experience is a roller-coaster of emotions! We caught up with some of the 2015 EuroSTAR Speakers to see what they enjoy most about speaking at EuroSTAR.. Here’s what they had to say!

Great, I’m ready to do it again