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Special Event in Conjunction with NCS – Oslo, 28th May

  • 14/05/2013
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EuroSTAR Conferences are excited to bring you a special Supporting Organisation event in conjunction with the Norwegian Supporting Organisation, Den Norske Dataforening (Norwegian Computer Society) later this month.

This free event will be held on the evening of Tuesday, 28th May in Oslo and there is an excellent line-up of two presentations, one from EuroSTAR Conference 2013 Speaker Paul Gerrard, and of course there are many opportunities to network and make connections within the Norwegian testing community. Attendees will also have an opportunity to enter a draw to win a free conference place at EuroSTAR 2013 in Gothenburg this November!

So, what do you need to know?

Date: Tuesday 28th May
Time: Meeting starts at 17:00 (registration from 16:30) and ends 19:00
Presentation 1: How to Eliminate Manual Feature Checking – Paul Gerrard, Gerrard Consulting, UK
Presentation 2: Experience from testing the modernization program at NAV – Kristian Bjerke-Gulstua, Accenture, Norway
Location: Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus – Auditorium 2, Pilestredet 35, entrance Holbergs plass. Oslo
Price: Free of charge
How to Register: Email [email protected] with your name, email address, company and address. Registrations are first come first served & numbers are limited.


Supporting Organisation Members

Don’t forget, if you are a member of Supporting Organisation you receive a 10% discount on conference registrations. If you are a member of the Norwegian Computer Society you can therefore claim this discount.

Click here for a full list of Supporting Organisations.


How to Eliminate Manual Feature Checking – Paul Gerrard, Gerrard Consulting, UK

c - paul gerrard_150x150Most of the information that testers produce is an output of what, over recent years, has come to be called checking. The strict definition of checking (compared to the other testing that testers perform) isn’t quite settled yet, but the popular view of checking is that it is mechanical or procedural, pre-meditated and error-prone and, in principle, it could be automated.

It’s an obvious question: “Why do we ask human beings to perform an activity that is obviously better done by tools?”

Many organisations have tried to automate manual checking but often, the promise of automation is not realised. The most common mistakes made are over-ambition and unclear goals: You cannot automated every check; automated checks solve a different problem to ‘manual’ checking.

This session sets out how we could eliminate hands-on feature checking. We must focus our attention on what we will call a feature and understand our purpose. By redistributing our testing, up-skilling our testers and working closer with developers, Better software with fewer, smarter testers will be the outcome.

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