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SQS – Test professional needs a partner

  • 28/10/2015
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  • Posted by Emma

Dyed-in-the-wool test professionals will feel right at home at the EuroSTAR conference in Maastricht. The field is developing at a dizzying pace, and EuroSTAR provides the most up-to-date perspective on the future of our profession.

For myself as an employer, my greatest challenge is to shape these new developments within our national and international company. I have noticed that our clients are beginning to call on our expertise based on innovative engagement models more often. As a global leader in the field of software quality and testing, they can of course expect that of us, but it does demand quite a bit more from our employees. Today’s test professional is constantly busy keeping his or her training and skills up to date, which costs them considerable time and effort.

I am proud of their hard work and the developments that they have made possible in our sector. At the same time, I also consider it my responsibility to ensure that our employees are fit and energetic enough to implement their expertise. After all, people need to feel good about themselves in order to make a difference and to keep up with the developments presented here at EuroSTAR.

That is why I hope that once you – a test and software quality professional – have learned from all of the knowledge and developments available here at EuroSTAR, you will come to visit our stand, so that I can explain how content and contentment go hand-in-hand at our company.

Why? Because I am convinced that every test and software quality professional, anywhere in the world, cannot do without a good and reliable partner in today’s rapidly changing world of testing.

wilbert_profileAuthor: Wilbert van den Bliek MD SQS Benelux

Wilbert has almost 20 years of experience in the software industry, working at all levels, spanning from technical and consulting roles, into sales & business development and in the Netherlands, He possess a broad knowledge of all aspects of software business and heads up for more than seven years the SQS software quality management and testing business in the Benelux.


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Emma has been working for EuroSTAR since 2012. She looks after EuroSTAR Social Media, helps the online team out with content etc. and also helps the Expo team looking after sponsors and helping them get ready for the conference!

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