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SQS Whitepapers: Bank on Mobile, Service Virtualisation & Implementing DevOps

  • 26/10/2015
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SQS will be joining us as an exhibitor in Maastricht at EuroSTAR next week. Ahead of their trip to Maastricht they have compiled some whitepapers to share with you! Have a look and just click the link to download.

Service Virtualisation to Drive Successful 21st Century Software Delivery

As much as any time in the past, market forces today drive the need to continually enhance the value propositions that organisations present to the market. Being able to deliver better, faster, cheaper and more reliably is critical to this. With the vast majority of market offerings having a core reliance on IT systems, this is a key target area for efficiency gains. In over 30 years of helping organisations to deliver high quality IT solutions, SQS has identified test environment access, cost and utilisation as a key challenge for many companies, and as such it represents a major opportunity for realising improvement driven competitive advantage.

Service Virtualisation is emerging as a crucial solution to these environment challenges, and the organisations that are adopting it are realising significant benefits.  Please find further information in the whitepaper “Service Virtualisation to Drive Successful 21st Century Software Delivery”, which considers how best to support effective testing and solution delivery through the adoption of Service Virtualisation, and the traps to avoid if your organisation is to use this as a platform for achieving competitive advantage.

Download this whitepaper


Ulf Jent LerUlf Jent Ler,

Nordic Service Manager – Environment Services


Ivan Ericsson Ivan Ericsson

Head of Business Transformation


Bank on Mobile

Mobile devices or hand-held devices have become the most powerful tool in the 21st century and have transitioned from being the cornerstone for communication, to constituting a multipurpose personal gadget and indispensable companion.

People use mobile for anything and everything in this modern era and the banking business is no exception to this technological advancement. There is a sharp collision between tradition and modern technology, with a clear shift from the traditional banking channels to newer service delivery channels and mobile. The ING International Survey 2015 (Bye-bye cash) also stated that banking and shopping are increasingly going the mobile way.

Mobile and everything through mobile is the current thriving business area, where big investments are made with the aim of attracting young and tech-savvy customers. Consumers are embracing mobile in their day to day lives and are more likely to leave their wallet at home than their mobile phone. With all this energy and momentum around mobile, there are some areas of concern regarding the quality of mobile apps introduced by every bank.

A key challenge is the customer’s aversion to the mobile app, perceived as lacking usability, reliability and security. Banks need to ensure that every application meets customers’ expectations and offers the highest quality standards in order to prevent repercussions on brand reputation and loss of customers resulting in a drop in business and revenue.

A comprehensive mobile application testing strategy is essential for getting applications to market on time and with optimum quality. Testing mobile applications is different from and more complex than testing traditional applications. Mobile applications need to be tested on a variety of OS versions and on multiple hardware devices. Moreover, the rapid pace of mobile OS updates, the frequent introduction of new devices, and customer expectations of quick upgrades require multiple test cycles. Adding to the complexity is the need to integrate various third-party apps into mobile banking applications. This requires the almost continuous performance of a robust QA procedure.

Please find further information in the whitepaper “Bank on Mobile”, which explores the different facets of automated mobile testing and the challenges around it, gained from actual experience in the field.

Download this whitepaper


Ramakrishnan VenkateswaranRamakrishnan Venkateswaran,

Test Lead


Ramakrishnan RRamakrishnan R

Associate Vice President – Banking Practice



How to Deliver Change by Implementing DevOps

DevOps is an accelerator between the requirements and the operational use of software. Although DevOps is not a new concept, the introduction of a DevOps approach needs to be seen as a company wide change. After introducing DevOps and describing its relevance to the market we will outline the importance of cultural and technological change as well as the benefits of a DevOps operation. Quality of products, processes, and people is essential, so quality should be at the heart of a DevOps operation.

Please find more information in the whitepaper “How to Deliver Change by Implementing DevOps”, which concludes with a summary of what should be considered when implementing a change to DevOps.

Download this whitepaper


Gareth BurnsGareth Burns

Head of Development Operations

Kai-Uwe GawlikKai-Uwe Gawlik Head of Service Management


These 3 whitepapers are excerpts of this year’s SQS Thought Leadership Book. It brings you the latest thinking in current challenges and solutions facing modern businesses today.

If you wish to receive a copy of the book, please visit our booth no. 45 at EuroSTAR.

We wish you an inspiring reading experience.


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