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Stockholm Meet-Up | TeamSTAR 2017

  • 29/08/2017
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As part of the TeamSTAR 2017 competition we have invited teams from all over Europe to host their own meet-ups and share in “The Magic of Testing”. You can find details of all the Meet-ups here. This is the details of the Stockholm meet-up hosted by taking place on . 


Location:  Stockholm, Sweden  Date: Thursday 24th August  Time: 18:00






When our meetups started over a year ago, a lot of attention was paid to being more Agile, doing exploratory testing, setting up quality assurance processes, working with complex system, and many more general quality assurance topics. Our meetup has become a good place to share ideas, concerns, and find solutions and inspiration to be better at our job. However, we have also started noticing how many developers, DevOps and automation engineers started coming to our talks. We saw the need in taking in more technical topics. And, thus, our meetups became more versatile. We started talking not only about manual testing and high level processes, but also about security testing, testing as a part of continuous integration, configuring environments for testing, test driven development, and also, performance and load testing.

TeamSTAR Stolkholm

Our last meetup was hosted by a Swedish company Load Impact, and our speaker was a CEO of the company, Ragnar Lönn. We were talking about how performance and load testing can be done in a simpler and more effective way, the way in which it would interesting and useful primarily for developers.

TeamSTAR Stolkholm

The meetup started with meeting our guests and introducing them to our host. All the guests were offered food and drinks. They also got some time to talk and know each other better.
Our formal part started with introducing the host company and the speaker. Ragnar, as the person with years of experience in IT, skilfully found the right words to keep the audience
engaged and interested during the entire presentation.

TeamSTAR Stolkholm

Even though we had many meetups with practical sessions and live demos, this was the first meetup with the live coding-testing session! So, we actually were doing testing while writing
code and performing the group code review! Finally, after a short break, we had an open discussion where anyone from the audience could ask questions to the speaker or other
guests. And somewhere in the middle of the discussion more Load Impact engineers started joining the conversation. It was truly fascinating to see the passion and interest in the talk
from both sides!


We had almost 45 people registered for the meetup, and around 25 of them actually showed up! Summer vacation in Sweden is the time when people disappear from the city and the
country. So, as the organisers we were very pleased with the numbers. 

TeamSTAR Stolkholm


Thoughts and Feedback

At the end of the meetup we still had a couple of developers discussing some technical details of some points mentioned during the presentation. In general, we had a really positive feedback during the talk and right after it.  How do we know we have had a good feeback? After the last meetup session we had a rapid increase of the newly registered attendees. And most of them joined based on the recommendation of the current meetup members. Also, as a relatively small meetup, we are proud that many people who attend our events usually come on a regular basis.

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