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A Sunday morning chat about the 2012 EuroSTAR Conference programme

  • 22/05/2012
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Introduction: It is a Sunday morning and two testers (Ard Kramer and Joep Lobee) start chatting about the EuroSTAR program. Do you want to know what they want to see on the conference this year? Read the blog!

Two guys, testers even, on their Sunday morning off….

Joep: Morning Ard, have been looking at the EuroSTAR line up to see what I would like to go&see

Have picked a few that tickled me..

Ard: Ok, interesting I looked at it too but what do you think of it?

Joep: Well there are several I would like to visit

Ard: O Joep watch out, you can’t visit your own one!

Joep: Nope…to bad!

Joep: But I think I’ll visit T3 Automated, tool Independent Test Case Prioritization. Sounds interesting, and when it can be implemented on HP QC it could be very usefull. But I am wondering how it can be used in my situation right now

Ard: I have problems with statement that prioritization can be done automaticaly

It all starts with human input…and human input means human communication

Joep: As I read it, it is done on the Severity/priority of the test cases, so indeed manually, but for the final selection other factors are taken into account, so basically: a set of predefined paramaters. I wonder how this might work

But I also like T1 – How to Regression Test a Billion Rows of Financial Data Every Sprint.. huge ammounts of data in regression in an agile environment..

Ard: Me too because I not convinced that you never ever can or want to eliminated human interaction and let the machine do the thinking for us, but let’s see

Interesting because it is a problem we wiil see more and more, the big data and how can we handle this as testers? and them I comvinced that automated testing can help

or even better we need the help of the tools

Joep: Yep

What I really want to see is T5 – Testing Spreadsheets. It is very recognisable: we test all the software, but all kinds of spreadsheets are running around in organisations and they are hardly looked at. I’ve had several issues being logged with new software were it turned out te be errors in spreadsheets. And then the reply was “no, if can’t be worng, I created it myselve and I have been using it for a long time”

But the software was changed and the spreadsheet using it not..

Ard: Yep, I saw this presentation too and thought about the discussions that testers shouldn’t get involved with spreadsheet testing as if this is not a risk!

Joep: Whan defects are being logged it is a risk!

Ard: what do you mean exactly?

Joep: When defects are logged it means that somewhere somebody experiences a problem => so that would be a risk, either to the project or even a product

Ard: but not before

it look likes the black swan, it was always there but nobody knew, so spreadsheets are a risk but nobody wants to see it (!?)

If have been looking at w22 the seven questions, as a Qualisoof I am always very interested in using questions as a starting point of a good discussion (learned from socrates)

What do you think?

Joep: I like this one, but as I read the questions, I think these are the questions every test consultant asks himself every time he starts with a new asignment. Always a good thing to makes these things explicite!

A bit of the conscious-competence and unconscious-competence  in my view, but it sounds like an intersting presentation

Ard: agree and the main key is to keep asking questions over and over again and you will get the information and priorities you needed, but should be basic stuff

Joep: I was more drawn to W23 – Why Every System Test Department Should Have a Test Developer (Or Two…) It describes, in short, how a test team should have a guy who is both a developer and a tester. I agree and I know a couple of these guys: mostly they are havely into the test-automation where they can combine both their development skills and the “freedom” of a tester to create smart things and come up with all kinds of useful addaptations to test better or make it easier for the testteam

Ard: the link is in the enthusiasm for programming?

when I read this presentation I was attracted to the idea that agile is appling this approach: put testers and developers in one team and they have to work together

and this means that the skills of the tester should move more to the development side with e.g. white box testing skills

so they can speak the same language

but on the other hand in a more ‘traditional’ development organization I see the added value of such a person

Joep: True, I do think that in agile development you will get more and more of these “cross-over” types or even better: the developer-tester hybride Jand in tradional environments you get the specialists

BTW aren’t you going to see T8 – Testing Through the Qualitative Lens, I would guess you would love the link with anthropology, investigative journalism and sociology

Ard: I have been looking at that one too and I also get my inspiration from all different other ways of thinking

my motto is “better well stolen than badly made up” so we can learn a lot from other sciences and methodologies like history, sports, economy, psycology and so on so whould be interesting

at the same time at T7 there is the testers toolkit, looks also very interesting

first is all it has an Art in the title :)

Joep: and Balance as well :)

Ard: the speaker wants to tell us al lot of things, I hope he will succeed in this but when I look at the content

toilet wall tagger techniques ?

Joep: Efficency to the max: testing on the loo

Ard: no kidding

Joep: :)

Joep: I think I’ll go and see W15 – 10 Great But Now Overlooked Tools too, his line ” a discussion started about the industry luminaries who turn up at conferences and give presentations which roughly say “Don’t do all the stuff that I told you to do 5 years ago! Do this stuff now.”” sold it to me ;-)
But I think he has a point: the latest hype is not always the silver bullet which solves it all, but it is presented (at first anyway) as one… And indeed there are some great things from the “years beyond” still very valid today

Ard: but never got the credits they deserved?

Joep: Yep, or are simply forgotten or taken for granted

Ard: or where their time way ahead?

or where there so many tools that it was impossible to use them all, the same risk we have now with all those tools and apps everywhere?

Joep: that’s true as well, there is so much tools available… you just don’t know what’s availble… spoilt for choice, that is what we are

Ard: but I almost have to go, social rendez vous, it is sunday after all

and what do you think of w8 (wait?)

Joep: the best of the bunch I would say :)

Ard: no doubt about it

Joep: I know the speakers… great guys.. :)

Ard: great? the best !

Joep: LOL!

Ard: but let the audience decide that

don’t you think so?

Joep: Well…… OK

Ard: thx Joep I will see you soon

Joep: Yep see yaa… family time here too!

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