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Supporting Organisation Profile – Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI), Softwaretechnik

  • 02/09/2013
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Are you a member of German EuroSTAR Supporting Organisation Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI)? If so, don’t forget you can claim a 10% discount on EuroSTAR registrations!

gi logoGI is the German EuroSTAR Supporting Organisation. What this means for members is that all GI members are entitled to a special 10% discount on their EuroSTAR registration! Upon registration, make sure that you select the Supporting Organisation discount option and select German Computer Society. This is then added on to the Early Bird discount, giving you extra savings.

EuroSTAR Supporting Organisations are software testing special interest groups across Europe, who strive to provide excellent training & networking opportunities for their network of members. For more information on the various EuroSTAR Supporting Organisations, click here.

GI is an association of people who have a close connection to computer science and are interested in this field with all its facets and application areas. It is the professional society for computer science in Germany. As such, it is committed to the interests of science in computer science, and public policy.

Who are the members of the GI?

• Computer scientists from research and teaching,
• IT experts from government, business and industry,
• Teachers who teach computer science at a school or
• Apprentices and students who aspire to a career in the IT field.

Fachbereich Softwaretechnik is the special interest group for software engineering of the German Computer Science Society. Its aim is to promote software engineering. It especially wants to foster the communication between academia and industry, between research and application, and to foster the resulting transfer of knowledge, experience and judgement. It also engages in the definition of software engineering education and education options.

The Department (FB) is concerned with the design, construction and use of software systems and their development processes. This includes both basic theoretical issues and the challenges in the implementation in practice. Since software is produced and used by people, especially the empirical analysis of systems and processes is an important part.

A particular objective of the FB is to promote communication between research and application, between university and industry, and as a result of the transfer of knowledge, experience and assessment as well as the joint determination of education courses and training content.


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