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Team Altom – planning the EuroSTAR migration

  • 01/11/2012
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As it turns out, the Testerus Sapiens won the competition and are very excited to attend this year’s conference. At first they were rather overwhelmed by the sheer number of presentations and activity choices. “How will we ever decide on what to do first or which presentation to attend?!” – they thought.

The topics seemed very interesting and they wanted to acquire as much knowledge and as many experiences as they could. They were especially excited to meet other testing cultures similar to theirs “There will surely be many creatures of testing there, yeahhh!” – they chirped excitedly. So they set out to learn as much as possible about the conference speakers in order to make informed decisions.

They chose to gather their findings in a mind map, because this helped them visualize which speakers they look forward to the most and why. The team found that some of the choices they made were unanimous; it seems that Michael Bolton will be a big hit among the Testerus Sapiens this year (“…because he’s just super!”). They will also be setting up camp somewhere near the test lab in order to fully benefit from the activities there.


2012.10.12 mindmap_623x846

… and so, the creatures of testing continued to daydream about what they would do at the conference in RAI (fun fact: RAI means HEAVEN in Romanian). They hope it will be an unforgettable experience, in a good way, of course. During the conference they will be active on the EuroStar blog so don’t forget to visit!


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