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Team Simcorp Get Ready for EuroSTAR

  • 23/10/2015
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  • Posted by Emma

We remember the day when the results of the TeamSTAR contest were about to be announced: we were constantly refreshing the website page to find out who is the winner!!! We were so surprised and happy when we saw that our SimCorp team’s video is in the headline! We could not believe our eyes! Our managers were so proud of us, they have even ordered a cake for this fantastic occasion :) That day – September 2 – was definitely a happy day! It felt so good because hard work always pays off! We had so much fun writing the script, making the costume, filming, editing the footage. We put our hearts in making this video and hoped it would bring a smile to one’s face. Lots of our colleagues, friends and relatives showed such a tremendous support and we would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every person for voted and believed in our team!! It means the world to us!

There is less than 2 weeks before the 23rd annual EuroSTAR Software Testing conference 2015 launches in Masstricht. Honestly, we just can not wait to attend it! Countdown is on! :) It’s so cool to be a part of such a huge event: meeting other testers, finding out what’s ‘new’ in the Testing profession, sharing knowledge, exchanging opinions, and just having fun! We have already chosen sessions that we would like to attend. Sure, it will be a fantastic experience attending the EuroSTAR Software Testing conference. We are ready to absorb all the new innovative and progressive ideas, bring them back home to Ukraine and share inside of the SimCorp office. Hope there will be plenty of good ones that we could apply in our daily testing life.

And now let’s move on to some of our expectations and thoughts about the upcoming event from each member of our team:

‘It may come as a great surprise to you, but I am not actually a tester. I work as a system developer at SimCorp. I heard a lot about TeamStar conference from my colleagues that had a chance to attend it last time. They described it as a motivating event that inspires you for the whole year. I thought it would be great to go there one day! So I joined girls in making video for the TeamStar competition. It was a great time to think of collaboration between testers and developers. You imagine how I was surprised as being non-tester to hear that we won the contest! I decided to set off for conference with a strong will to make the discoveries in completely new area for me. I have already looked through the sessions’ headers and spend some time watching videos that were announcing the upcoming lectures. I have made a short list of most interesting sessions, from my point of view that I would like to attend. ‘Can Testers Lead DevOps Adoption? – Yes We Can!’ by Sujay Honnamane, caught my attention because it introduces new development approach for me – DevOps. I am looking forward to know what is going to be next after Agile and what the difference between these techniques is. ‘Everything I Know About Testing I Learned from the Scientific Method’, by Paul Coyne, sounds like link between science and the world of practice – this was always keen on – learning how theoretical things can be put into practice. In addition, I think that ‘How We Fool Ourselves – Cognitive Biases in Testing’, by Esko Arajärvi, could be useful both for testers and developers as it covers the mis-perceptions we should avoid in our daily work.
Hope to discover the world of testing together with you guys! Will enjoy each session together with my team!’ – Tetiana

‘I liked that there are a lot of sessions about automation testing. Especially this one caught my attention: ‘Test Automation: A Prerequisite in a Fast Growing Development Organization’ by Joost van Wollingen and Elise van Krevelen. How to automate more and faster? How to choose the right automation tool? What is the speakers’ experience in automation testing? I would love to receive answers to all of these questions and learn more about automation testing. Also I am really looking forward to the ‘Your testing is a joke’ session by James Thomas. The phrase ‘Creativity is a key to testing’ made me interested in this topic. I would like to know how humour can make testing process more efficient and excited!’ – Veronika

‘Agile has been so popular for the last decade. And it’s always a pleasure for me to hear about other people’s experience in Agile, about all the ups and downs of using this approach in software development and testing. Through failures comes success, so, from my point of view, ‘My Top 10 Mistakes Testing with Agile’ by Kevin Harris seems to be like an honest talk about Agile.
Personally, I am also eager to attend the ‘Remote Working in an Agile World’ by Raji Bhamidipati. I was always impressed how people who work remotely manage to overcome all the hardships of working far away from their teams but at the same time succeed at their job and perform as a part of one complex mechanism.
When you are in a group of professionals working from different locations on one project, it is quite important to communicate effectively inside your team. Building good coworker relationships is also a part of our professional lives. Most times a small live conversation with a colleague helps solve a problem much faster than writing a bunch of emails so I think that it would be interesting to attend the ‘The Coffee Cup is Mightier Than the Keyboard’ lecture by Martin Nilsson.’ – Elena

‘It’s less than 2 weeks left before big event, and I have already prepared some equipment for the conference. Sketchbook, few favorite pens, charged battery in my camera, checked my laptop (it always likes to fall apart not in the right moment). Flight information, passport, bookings, train tickets – everything is ready, so now the hardest work is coming. Decide what sessions I want to attend the most. I looove and really impressed when presentation makes you inspire and motivated, so I’m very much looking forward to Richard van Hooijdonk keynote speech TRENDZ 2030! We are in the middle of the Agile era, but I would really like to now, what is coming next, is there something even more efficient than Agile? ‘Can Testers Lead DevOps Adoption? – Yes We Can! By Sujay Honnamane. – my choice. I’m very curious about differences in test strategies for Mobile app and web based testing, IOS and Android. So I’m looking forward ‘Mobile Testing: One Step Forward or Two Steps Back?’ by Susan van de Ven. Another session, which I really want to be at ‘Snappy Visualizations for Test Communication’ by Thomas Vaniotis. I always find it hard to express myself, to explain testing coverage to stakeholders, and visualizations – is something that use all the time, and really enjoy, so I think this presentation will meet all my needs and expectations.
As well as lectures, I’m really looking forward to TestLab! Mobile testing, security testing or doodling, sketching – haven’t decided yet, but I’ll try to reach as much as I can! Sounds like it would be the most amazing time at EuroSTAR conference 2015’ – Natasha

Thank you EuroSTAR and SimCorp for giving us the amazing opportunity to attend this year’s conference! We are looking forward to all the great discoveries and new experience that are awaiting for us ahead! Yeah! :)

– Team SimCorp

Tetiana, Veronika, Elena & Natasha

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Emma has been working for EuroSTAR since 2012. She looks after EuroSTAR Social Media, helps the online team out with content etc. and also helps the Expo team looking after sponsors and helping them get ready for the conference!

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