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TeamSTAR 2017 Winner!

  • 27/09/2017
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  • Posted by Ronan

The judging panel has been busy over the past number of days appraising all the applications to the  TeamSTAR competition this year. 

It really was an amazing effort by all the teams involved and we would like to thank everyone for organising events and taking part.

However there can only be one winner. 

So without further ado I am pleased to announce the TeamSTAR winner for 2017 is:



With their mobile themed event, the guys from KraQA put together an amazing event. They took the concept of the “magic of testing” and applied it in a special way to testing a mobile app for the city of Krakow. Offering both a learning experience and something for the city, it was felt the team at KraQA brought something special to the TeamSTAR concept.


TeamSTAR Kraków ChmurQA


View the report from the KraQA team here


Special mention must go to the teams at ETMarlabsTabara de Testare and SmartBear for organising stellar events.

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