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TeamSTAR Competition: Creatures of Testing Revealed

  • 03/09/2012
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It’s that time of year again: voting has now opened for TeamSTAR 2012. It’s time for the community to decide who has made the best video illustrating why their team should be at EuroSTAR 2012 in Amsterdam. The 3 finalists are now on the blog to view – take a look and then head over to the Voting Page to vote for your favourite!

Meet Team Altom…

team altom_467x283

The team bio:

We love what we do, it’s always a thrill for us to read about testing (blogs, books and beyond) but we also think about how to improve our testing techniques before moving on to learn new ones. Even though we work on separate projects, we combine our testing forces in order to reach a common goal.

Levi enjoys baking experimental cakes which he then tests out on his colleagues at work. He also loves reading in parks and forests. He dislikes it when people act out of ignorance or fear.

Alexandra is fond of spending time in nature and likes to disagree with people’s ideas. She doesn’t appreciate being reduced to a single-faceted being – that’s why the complex world of software testing is appealing to her.

Mihai likes trekking and testing his colleagues’ aptitude for nature. He dislikes it when people hide facts and say “No” before trying out new things.

Adina likes chocolate and trying out new things once a couple of years, like volunteering, scouting, dancing, playing the organ… not necessarily in this order. She does not seem to dislike anything.

The movie description:

The movie is a documentary about a newly discovered species, an offshoot of the homo sapiens. They are presented in their natural habitat, the jungles of software development, where they test software either as a group or alone, living for the thrill of the bughunt.


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