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TeamSTAR Diary: Day one at the RAI

  • 06/11/2012
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Ladies and gentlemen, the EuroSTAR conference has begun!

Day one started off with a lot of enthusiasm and rushing about. After checking in and getting awesome EuroSTAR swag, TeamSTAR joined Michael Bolton in exercising their critical thinking skills:

Ale liked the extensive exercises with assumptions in the tutorial; this led her to new insights into the nature of assumptions, how should testers treat them and what factors make them dangerous.

Adina loved the analogy between testers and the senses of a project: “Our role is not to be product owners, but the extensions of their senses (eyes, ears, nose…) with the advantage of having a better insight into the project.

Mihai enjoyed doing the tutorial exercises with his fellow testers, as well as appreciated that the attendees sought out Michael’s expertise to find a solution to their job related issues.

Levi came away from the tutorial with a pretty hefty list of potential books to enjoy and learn from. He is definitely adding Virginia Satir’s essays onto his reading list along with Daniel Kahneman’s studies.


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