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TeamSTAR Diary: some post-conference thoughts

  • 20/11/2012
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Being the first conference of this scale that we attended, we didn’t know what specific expectations to have. So now, post conference, we can finally make a retrospective reflection:

For us it was mind-blowing – a very full and intense experience, mostly because of the interactions we had with the people at the conference.


There was something to learn from each presentation, from the many hours spent in the Test Lab, at lunch, on breaks spent at the expo, everywhere we received input from people and we processed it into some sort of output. That output sometimes consisted of new ideas we expressed, other times – confusion or a pensive mood, a smile, a handshake…

The pervasive feeling was one of belonging to a group of people for whom testing is a passion, something that stretches outside work hours with every opportunity, for instance during a casual beer in a pub. We noticed that, for different people, this passion referred to different aspects of testing, which made things more interesting. There was not one view that everyone blindly adhered to. The people we interacted with were exercising their critical thinking, and thus were open to debates.

Also, we felt that people were open and willing to share their knowledge and opinions at any time. This ‘open source’ community vibe was something we really liked, and we think it added value to our experience.

Being the TeamSTAR winners, we had a special assignment: to promote the EuroSTAR event. Almost every day we created a short video which summarized the interesting things we were doing there. At first, this looked like it would mean less time for actually participating in the conference. But instead, we realized it was a great opportunity to engage in conversations and meet the people there.

We only wish it hadn’t ended so fast, but as the saying goes, ‘time flies when you’re having fun’..


We also set out not to stop here with the reflection and find a way to share what we’ve learned at the conference. Our goal for now is to continue spreading the ideas we assimilated there to the people we interact with in our local community. Let the learning continue!

Adina, Ale, Levi and Mihai


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