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TeamSTAR – Review of Tuesday at EuroSTAR 2016

  • 02/11/2016
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We woke up to the usual cold and rain that you might expect in Sweden this time of year. But as we look upon a Stockholm, we highly anticipated our presence at EuroSTAR conference. When we arrived at the conference we met Daragh and Ronan. After a small chat, they gave us hoodies specially designed for us.

We started exploring the Expo and we arrived just in time to listen to the “1st Timer Session” at the Test Huddle both. Some of the EuroSTAR veterans like Ruud Teunissen, Graham Freeburn, Erkki Poyhonen and Isabel Evans presented their experience of EuroSTAR and gave us some tips on how to get most of the EuroSTAR 2016.

The first session we attended was the keynote presentation “How to test Inside Your Head” by Liz Keogh. It was incredible! She started her presentation by telling us a story and continuing this story until the end of the keynote. It was a great way to keep everyone’s attention.

Since we all have a different areas of interests, our group split up and attended several different sessions. Adisa attended workshop “Reinventing your testing role” by Jon Bach which took two-time slots. Darko chooses to hear Jan Van Moll presentation about “Root cause analysis for Testers” and the Sally Globe presentation about “How we learned to love the quality and stop testing“.  Nadzida listened to Irfan Ahmad’s and his lecture on “Understanding Cultural & Linguistic Dimensions in Testing” and for the next slot, she attended the session “Tips for Introvert and Extrovert Testers in Today’s Testing World” by Anne Mette Hass. Amela attended, with Adisa, the first part of the workshop “Reinventing your testing role” and then switched to the session “How we Learned to Love Quality and Stop Testing” by Sally Goble, Scott Painter and Jon Hare – Winton.

During the break, we attend the soapbox sessions, had fun in the Test Lab and Huddle. In the end, we attended conference award night at cafe opera. We had a great time networking with a lot of fellow testers from around the world.


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Daragh Murphy

Daragh is Content Marketing Specialist for EuroSTAR Conferences & Huddle. An avid rugby fan, Daragh loves to watch Munster and Ireland games. If you see him at the EuroSTAR Conference he might have a video camera in his hand - stop him and ask him about his beagler (beagle/king charles cavalier cross) pup Nelson.

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