TeamSTAR 2016

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The much loved TeamSTAR Competition is back for 2016, but this year there’s a twist!!!

Instead of creating a team video, we want YOU and your team (max 4 members) to host a local meetup in your home town.

The theme of your meetup must be the same as that of the EuroSTAR Conference 2016:

“Learning to Test, Testing to Learn”

The competition will be broken up into three stages.


Stage 1: Submit your Meetup Details

event details iconWe want you to tell us:

1. Where your meetup will take place?

2. When the meetup will take place?

3. What is the agenda/schedule for your meetup?

Deadline for submitting details – July 26th




Stage 2: Host Your Meetup

host-event-iconWe want you to:

1. Promote the event (pre, during and post event)

2. Initiate discussions

3. Document everything ie. take photos, tweet, get testimonials etc.

4. Collect contact details of attendees – names & e-mails (Minimum 10)

Deadline for hosting your meetup – September 9th



Stage 3: Report on Your Meetup

Now that your meetup is done and dusted, we want to know how it went. Your final challenge is to create a blog post and discuss:

blog about event1. How many attended?

2. What was the feedback?

3. What conclusions were made?

4. Any other information that you feel is important to include

Once your blog post is ready, e-mail it to Daragh and we’ll add it to our blog.

Deadline for blogging about your meetup – September 16th



The Winners

The winning team will be selected by a judging panel provided by EuroSTAR Conferences. They will be looking at things like:

competitions icon1. Popularity of the event ie. how many was there?

2. Level of interaction ie were people talking about it online?

3. Your Feedback ie. how well you communicated your feedback

4. Innovation ie. what made your meetup unique?

 Winners Announced – September Newsletter (28th)



The Prize

Four Tickets to the EuroSTAR Conference 2016 in Stockholm

TeamSTAR tickets

Best of luck!!!