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TeamSTAR: Second day of the Conference

  • 26/11/2014
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TeamSTAR`s Second Conference Day

Enter day 2. Although the morning was foggy and there was no sunshine to greet the delegates, spirits were high, as everybody was looking forward to another day of engaging speeches, challenging puzzles, and beautiful people to share ideas with.

We stopped by the Community Hub where we discovered the Soap-Box talks and Chillout sessions. We got the opportunity to talk to one of the Community Hub movers – Peter Morgan, who told us how the Community Hub was formed and what are his future expectations for the project.

Today was a full day for us. In addition to participating to sessions, we were also active in the Test Lab and interacted with lots of people. Many of them were first time participants, so we had this common starting point. It was interesting to see their perspective and learn about their way of handling the “rookie syndrome”. Others were old pals with EuroSTAR and they had some useful tips to share.

The biggest issue encountered, today as yesterday, was deciding which track sessions to attend. We ended up finding out why we should be concerned with the availability heuristic and how the story of anaesthetic and antiseptic relate to testing. We got a clear example that games trigger people’s generosity, and learned how the Moomins enjoy themselves at the conference (hmm, did they get invited or did they sneak in? – anyways, we are happy to have met them!). Certainly, we could not miss our colleague`s talk on changing mindsets, which fitted in nicely with the talk on rethinking the tester’s role in the context of testing for the Olympics.

We are adding some glamour to our EuroSTAR experience tonight as we will be attending the Awards Dinner.

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