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Tell your Story at EuroSTAR 2016


EuroSTAR wanted a cool new way to engage their exhibitors within the conference programme. As a result new for 2016 we have launched the Real Customer Case Studies Session. We’re looking for really honest and compelling customer stories that will help explain how you go about helping your customers, as told by them!

  • The session is customer focused with the winning proposal presented by the customer at EuroSTAR 2016 in Stockholm – on Wednesday 2nd November.
  • The customer will present the case study for 25 minutes followed by a 20 minute Q&A session, during which the exhibitor may also get involved.
  • All EuroSTAR 2016 exhibitors signed up before September 2nd will have an opportunity to apply for this session.

You will find more information here and the application form here.

We will be sharing case study submissions on our website and will promote them through the EuroSTAR social media channels. This is an excellent opportunity for an exhibitor to showcase one of their real customer success (or failure) stories, to the EuroSTAR Community.

I look forward to seeing all the Real Customer Case Studies submissions!

If you are not an exhibitor for the 2016 conference and wish to apply for the opportunity to take part in the Real Customer Case Studies Session Email: [email protected]


Michelle Long

EuroSTAR Sales Executive

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