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Test Automation from a Management Perspective

  • 14/04/2016
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  • Posted by Dot Graham

Why is it that some organisations seem to do really well with system-level test automation, while others are struggling, not getting the benefits they expect and feel that their automation is becoming more and more work for less return?

Sometimes the reason is due to technical factors, but more often, the reason is due to factors than are within management’s control, yet often managers are not aware of how significant their influence is on the ultimate success of test automation.

In my presentation at the EuroSTAR Roadshow in Warsaw, I will look at system-level test execution automation from a management perspective, showing you the most significant contributors to both success and failure in test automation.

We start by looking at what you should NOT expect from automation, and look at what are realistic expectations for both investment and return from automation. One of the most critical success factors is to have good objectives for test automation; many organisations have goals which are not appropriate and not achievable for their automation; I will discuss both poor and good objectives.

What most managers want from automation is something that will continue to give increasing benefit over a long time-frame, a lasting asset. I will talk about how to achieve this. Before summarising pitfalls to avoid, I will discuss responsibilities for automation – what are the roles needed and who should fulfil those roles?

Hope to see you in Warsaw!


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Dorothy Graham has been in testing for forty years and is co-author of Software Inspection, Software Test Automation, Foundations of Software Testing and Experiences in Test Automation. She helped start testing qualifications in the UK and was on the working party that devised the first ISTQB Foundation Syllabus. After 19 years with Grove Consultants, she now focuses on giving presentations at conferences and events, and writing. Dorothy holds the European Excellence Award in Software Testing and was Programme Chair for EuroSTAR in 1993 and 2009. She was named one of the 13 Women of Influence in testing by Software Test & Performance magazine in 2010. She has attended every EuroStar conference.

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