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Test Framing tutorial, Opening Ceremony and Keynotes

  • 30/11/2010
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Date: 30th Nov 2010 Time: 09.15 a.m (Copenhagen)

Special Mention: Temperature outside the Bella Centre is -6.5 degree Celcius.

I rush to the Auditorium 12 to attend the Test Framing session by Michael Bolton. The participants are busy in an exercise to list out the dimensions of a coin which are of interest in testing. The next three hours are filled with energetic questions, exchange of ideas, exercises on Test Framing, collaboration and we overshot the lunch break by 15 minutes.

My personal learning from the tutorial on “Test Framing” is to know beforehand

  • Why run this test and not another test?
  • What is the risk of running the test and the value of information obtained from the test?

Lunch Time: Emphasis on potatoes :) salad and some breads gives me enough energy to attend the next items on today’s agenda.

EuroSTAR 2010 Opening Ceremony by John Fodeh, Programme Chair

A crisp and brief talk by John Fodeh. Isn’t it amazing to know that there were 400+ submissions from 27 countries? The variety of topics selected is amazing. One more highlight of the entire conference apart from the high energy of the speakers, audience is the concept of ‘WristBands’. Each wristband has its own significant meaning and different sets of people have their own choice.

The special innovations : The VideoSTAR, the TeamSTAR, the BlogSTAR, the Art Gallery, the Expo Show make the entire experience of EuroSTAR 2010 even great.

If you have not yet checked the TestLab, I recommend you to do that. I will be heading to the TestLab right after this blogpost.

Keynote 1: ‘Putting Tradition to Test’ by Antony Marcano

He started with three short stories with a hidden theme in each one of them. There were quite a few interesting lessons on the way.

  • Traditional roles change
  • Roles become dynamic
  • Collaboration is key

Antony highlighted how learning different skills, collaborating and working as a team to get the project forward is a rewarding experience than the attitude: ‘I have done my job. That’s not my job.’

Keynote 2: Monty Python’s Flying Test Lab by Rob Sabourin

Personally I liked his presentation style. Lots of energy, audience involvement and how can I miss the brilliant videos he uses to illustrate his points.

Some of the highlights from this keynote include:

Ambiguity in requirements, false logic, blind trust in test tools. And the highlight was the video where the screen could not be resized. :) Talk about bugs in production.

Rob also emphasized on how talking the same language helps and how often we miss the point that the other person might be totally misinterpreting us.

Oops, time to attend the next keynote and the Test Lab. Till then, enjoy the tweets with the hashtag #esconfs

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