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TEST Huddle Blog Round-Up – June 3rd

  • 03/06/2016
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  • Posted by Daragh

Check out 6 of the latest blog posts over on our community website, TEST Huddle.


Don’t Forget The Lampposts

I was recently reviewing a ‘complete’ checklist for testing web applications but at no point in the list was accessibility even mentioned despite being quite thorough in other areas… continue


Cross The Tech Bridge – A Functional Approach To Testing Infrastructure

As an experienced “functional test manager” I was offered an assignment as a test manager for an operations manager company, testing the build of a new platform for one of their customers. No doubt, this was out of my technical comfort zone… continue


We Don’t Need No Education?

“We don’t need no education” – so is the first line of the song “Another Brick in the Wall” by “Pink Floyd”. What I suggest in the following is not that harsh but there is a grain of truth in that line… continue


Lessons Learned In Automated Performance Testing, Part1

We would like to share with you how we implemented performance testing at RES. In hindsight, it was pretty reactive – we took what we could get our hands on, and made choices depending on what requests arrived… continue


Noah, The Ark And The Flood – A Story About Software Testing

I came up with an explanation to the question ‘what is the role of a tester’ so that even a seven year old can understand. It is based on the famous story of Noah and the devastating flood… continue


Unconventional Wisdom V4–Testing’s Donald Trumps

Like a train wreck, people can’t stop watching Donald Trump dominating a most unconventional race to become the Presidential nominee of the Republican Party… continue

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Daragh Murphy

Daragh is Content Marketing Specialist for EuroSTAR Conferences & Huddle. An avid rugby fan, Daragh loves to watch Munster and Ireland games. If you see him at the EuroSTAR Conference he might have a video camera in his hand - stop him and ask him about his beagler (beagle/king charles cavalier cross) pup Nelson.

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