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TEST Huddle is Your Online Home For EuroSTAR 2014

  • 18/11/2014
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  • Posted by Ronan

As you may be aware EuroSTAR 2014 is just around the corner. This year TEST Huddle will play a part at the Conference for the first time. TEST Huddle will be the online home for attendees and non-attendees to discuss, debate and chat about what is happening at the conference in the comfort of the TEST Huddle Forums. If you are at the Conference in person, you will have many opportunities to meet, talk to and learn from your fellow testers at the talks, workshops, tutorials and at the Community Hub and the Test Lab. TEST Huddle offers the opportunity to interact with other testers online  to chat about everything happening at EuroSTAR 2014 even if you didn’t get there this year.You will be able to contribute to and follow conversations about the conference, see others thoughts and get some useful information about getting to the Convention Centre and getting about Dublin.



What is TEST Huddle?

TEST Huddle is an online community for software testers administrated by the EuroSTAR team. The online community is home to hundreds of software testing resources including webinars, ebooks, podcasts and others. In addition, TEST Huddle has a discussion forum where software testers can chat to their peers on software testing topics.

Tell me more about TEST Huddle?

If you are new to TEST Huddle, the first thing you need to do to get involved in the community is to register. This will allow you to post in the forums, add events, comment on blogs and  more. If you want some background information on TEST Huddle and our community , see the About section.


So what is happening on TEST Huddle:

Well to begin with there are a few preview blog posts to get you in the mood for EuroSTAR. These were written by our Press Pass Competition Winners: Neil, Kim and Nick.

You can read those blog posts here:

Neil Studd: EuroSTAR 2014: The final countdown

Kim Knup: EuroSTAR 2014: The Countdown Has Begun

Want some guidance on how to post, start a topic or more information? See the Getting Started page.



TEST Huddle Forums

The Forums will be the home to all of the online chat about the Conference. If you are attending or not, the TEST Huddle forums will be the place to talk to fellow testers about sessions, workshops and talks that make up the Conference schedule. Our Press Pass Ambassador Kim Knup will be on the forums every  day of the Conference posting about what she sees, hears and attends during the week.

Community Hub & Test Lab

Both the Test Lab and Community Hub will feature on the forums too. The Community Hub will be the home away from home for all of the testers at EuroSTAR. At the Hub you can participate in networking events, meet your fellow testers, watch and participate in soapbox sessions, early morning sessions and more. The Test Lab lets attendees to learn something outside of the conventional classroom setting. There are opportunities to take part in some testing exercises including test automation, test tools and more.


If you are attending EuroSTAR, then consult the Forum for information on travelling to and from Dublin Airport. Read this topic to see how to get from the airport and to see if it’s possible to arrange taxi sharing with others.

Social Events

There is also a conversation regarding social events at the Conference. If you are attending, or are considering attending some of the social events (including a 5km run, Dublin Literary Pub Crawl, Guinness Storehouse Tour and more check out the forum here for the latest.

Plus there are loads more conversations happening including Tips for attending the Conference, Accommodation for EuroStar 2014 (if you haven’t booked yet), a Walk n’Talk session and more.

Check Out The EuroSTAR 2014 Forum Check Out The EuroSTAR 2014 Forum

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