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TEST Huddle Weekly Round-Up (26th Sept – 3rd Oct)

  • 03/10/2015
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blog-talk-icon_1Unconventional Wisdom V1: ‘Risks’ That Aren’t Risks At All
“Risk-based testing.”  I find many testers use this term to distinguish a particular type of testing that they perceive as somehow different from what they ordinarily do… Continue Reading


On This Day: September 30th
The “LaMacchia loophole” is established… Continue Reading


Testing Online Banking Applications: A Hypothesis
Icebergs can be deceptive when looked at! They encompass a huge mass below the sea level which is around 90 % of its actual size, leaving only 10 % for the naked eye. How is that related to banking? … Continue Reading


How To Do Test Automation Like A Developer?
Despite what the test automation tool vendors are saying, test automation is not about record and playback but about programming… Continue Reading


Featured Discussions


featured discussionsWould You Test Software Designed to Cheat Tests?
After the Volkswagon scandal and the obvious thought that the company put into that software, the dilemma of testing software like that has raised some questions. Would you have been willing to test that software? – Join the Discussion


What’s the Strangest Question You Have Been Asked in A Testing Interview?
There have been some great responses to this thread. Star Wars or Star Trek? How do you test a pogo stick? Have you ever been asked any curious questions at an interview? – Join the Discussion


Should this Testing Book Be Banned?
California Prison System has banned this book from its prison library’s. Would you agree? – Join the Discussion


Do you sit with developers at work?
Do dev teams and test teams sit together now or now that Agile and Dev-Ops are popular has separate areas become a thing of the past? – Join the Discussion 


Latest Resources 

latest resources[New eBook] A Primer for Newbie Companies Moving into Testing The Internet of Things (IoT) Devices
by Jon Hagar (Grand Software Testing, USA) – Download eBook


[On-Demand Webinar] Programming for Testers. It’s Easy!
with Graham Thomas (Independent Consultant, UK) & Phill Isles (HSBC Private Bank, UK) – View Webinar


[New eBook] Programming for Testers. It’s Easy!
with Graham Thomas (Independent Consultant, UK) & Phill Isles (HSBC Private Bank, UK) – Download eBook


[On-Demand Webinar] How is Testing Different in DevOps Agile Team?
with Rob Lambert (NewVoiceMedia, UK) – View Webinar


[New eBook] Build a Safety Net for Your Architecture
by Adam Tornhill (Maat Technologies AB, Sweden) – Download eBook


[On-Demand Webinar] Big Data – A New Testing Challenge
with Adam Knight (RainStor, UK) – View Webinar


[New eBook] How To Assess Your Test Manager
with Peter Morgan (Retired Testing Professional, UK) & Fabián Scarano (NETS, Denmark) – Download eBook


[On-Demand Webinar] The Internet of Things. It’s Coming!
with Professor Andy Stanford-Clark (IBM Global Business Services , UK) – View Webinar


Featured Resources 


featured discussion[eBook] Introduction to Google Software Testing
By James Whittaker (Microsoft, USA) – Download eBook


[Blog] DevOps And History Of Testing

By Pini Reznik (Container Solutions, Netherlands) – Read the Blog


[eBook] Specification by Example 

By Gojko Adzic (Neuri Consulting LLP, UK) – Download eBook


[Blog] Startup Series: Why You Should Test At Your Startup 
By Rajit Singh (Qeek, UK) – Read the blog


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Daragh Murphy

Daragh is Content Marketing Specialist for EuroSTAR Conferences & Huddle. An avid rugby fan, Daragh loves to watch Munster and Ireland games. If you see him at the EuroSTAR Conference he might have a video camera in his hand - stop him and ask him about his beagler (beagle/king charles cavalier cross) pup Nelson.

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