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The Test Lab Report for EuroSTAR 2012

  • 16/11/2012
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First of all, a lot of nice words about this year’s Test Lab have been said already, in tweets[email protected] and in blogs which makes it a little bit hard to not repeat stuff. Though we can recommend the Test Lab blog posts of our friend in the Test Lab Team, Martin Jansson at

The Test Lab was planned, prepared and organized by its “headmaster” Bart Knaack, with good assistance by Martin. We entered the scene as apprentices when all that tough and – we can imagine – time consuming work was already done, and we should not forget about James Lyndsay who brought the application GeoGebra to the portfolio of applications to test.

So, what happened in the Test Lab at EuroSTAR 2012? Easily explained; as described in this mind map.


The Mindstorms robots definitely catches the audience! The idea was to explore the robots behavior based on the color of the area under itself – to figure out the specification, like a reverse engineering. Colored patterns were available to use in the robot testing but also creating new patterns on a dedicated laptop and to print them, was possible.


Did anyone make them dance? Yes, actually, but since we are reluctant to hand out the full correct answer to the dancing challenge we just say “it takes two to tango”…

How many people visited the Test Lab? Well, we start with a simple categorization of the visitors.

Active Testers: The people who tested the applications at the laptops, explored the robots and where into close test discussions in the lab.
Observers: Not necessarily non-active but with the focus on presentations and managed workshops, or basically were standing outside the lab area observing what was going on.

With that in mind we can easily find the answer in these graphs. An even flow? Not really. Occasionally hectic? Definitely!


8 Laptops were available for the visitors to use when testing, and the applications available for testing covered all the flavors of bugginess, together with FreeMind for mind mapping and Mantis for bug reporting, and those tools were – of course – tested as well.

There were not only activities commonly known as “testing” going on in the lab. Several focused sessions managed by invited speakers at the conference, for instance. Some were classic presentations but many were actual workshops with the Test Lab equipment in focus.

The grand finale of the Test Lab was the Test Competition which took place the last day. 8 teams of 4 persons in each team – fully booked of course – got a mission to perform a 30 minutes test session and report their result in 2 minutes. A spectacular hour in which the lab was packed! We would gladly have published a picture from that event but to be honest everybody in the Test Lab team were too busy to even think about taking pictures at that time (so if anyone out there have some pictures from the event, we would gladly see them published.)


We would like to thank all the Test Lab sponsors, all the conference speakers who engaged in the Test Lab, James, Martin and of course Bart for excellent coaching and guidance. This will be an hard one to beat in Gothenburg!



ru cindrea_100x92Ru Cindrea is a senior test consultant and managing partner at Altom Consulting, focusing on test management and mobile software testing. With over 10 years of experience, she believes all testing is exploratory and she is currently working with the Finnish testing community on building a strong group of context-driven testers.


Kristoffer Ankarbergkristoffer-ankarberg_100x117, Senior Specialist in test methods at Ericsson AB, or more accurate Tester, Test Coordinator, Test Leader, Test Process Developer, Test Strategist, Test Analyst and Philosopher. Started his career path as a software developer in 1995 to concentrate his effort in software testing the following year. Acting according to the motto; Everything is testable, but not necessarily verifiable.

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