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Test Lab – What to expect! by Test Lab Master Ru Cindrea

  • 10/10/2013
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With only a month left until the EuroSTAR conference in Sweden, the Test Lab preparations are going at full speed. We have chosen our apprentices and both me and Kristoffer are working with Adina and Ruud to get everything ready.

Here are some of latest news:

With so many other aspects of the software industry going “in the cloud”, we decided the Test Lab has to go online as well. We will have a setup in the cloud which you can access from anywhere to test some of our web applications, log your bugs and read more about what’s available in the lab.

Learning from a previous experience when Teemu Vesala from Finland, while testing in the lab, managed to bring the whole test lab system down at Eurostar, this year we decided to have him on our side, helping us out with configuring and keeping the servers up and running and helping you out with learning about security testing and open source tools.

Besides web and desktop applications as test targets, this year we hope to attract even more people in the lab to try mobile testing on native and web applications. We will have exercises that will help you get started with mobile testing and mobile test automation tools or will help you get more knowledge if you are already an experienced mobile tester. Bring your own smartphone or use one of our own and join us!

We have excellent speakers that will hold practical testing sessions in the Test Lab throughout the conference – check out our Test Lab programme for exact times!

We will soon publish our Test Lab Menu, containing a list of all the testing challenges that you can take in the Test Lab. We have everything from test planning and reporting to automation and security tools to sponsored challenges where you can win special prizes. We will hold a scoresheet with everyone stopping by in the lab to take one of our challenges or do one of the exercises, so the competition will be ongoing throughout the conference – don’t miss it!

An idea of what to expect in the can be found on the EuroSTAR Test Lab webpage

– Ru Cindrea, Test Lab Master

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