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Does A Tester Need Books? NO! So Get Rid Of Your Books At EuroSTAR 2015

  • 13/10/2015
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  • Posted by Ronan

As a tester, you have to deal with 0’s and 1’s. These are the only figures you –as a tester- have to read, know and check if they are put in the right order. Therefore I am asking you to get rid of all your books concerning testing and other books which have anything to do with testing.EuroStar Bookswap

What can books in any way teach you about testing? Testing is about sitting behind your computer and hitting a keyboard to see if the software is doing the things you expect. This means that you don’t have to know anything else, do you? You don’t have to know anything about software architecture, business models, system thinking, economics, software design, human interaction, anthropology, philosophy, critical thinking, software development, agile, bug hunting, specification by example, Test driven development, business driven development, acceptance testing driven development, any other DD, risks, social psychology, politics, sports, music, etc. etc.

Because I cannot imagine that you would disagree with my statement, I have the solution on how to get rid of all those books which are gathering dust in your house. My simple proposal is, take them with you to EuroSTAR, where you will find a bookshelf ready for them.

We will display these books on the bookshelf in the community huddle but not just for display purposes. Will reading books make you a better tester? There is only one way to find out.  Bring along your books, share and borrow.

Located at the Community Huddle, the EuroSTAR book swap will be your chance to find a testing book for you and pass one on to other delegates.

 How it Works:

All you have to do is follow these three simple steps to find a new testing book at EuroSTAR 2015.

  • Find the Book Shelves at the Community Huddle
  • If you have a book with you, an inscription would be nice.  We suggest: ”I brought this to EuroSTAR 2015”. Maybe explain why you liked the book (or not). It’s up to you. Then put the book in our EuroSTAR library.
  • Find a book you want to read and borrow.

About The Author

Ard KramerArd is part of the Community Huddle team at the EuroSTAR Conference this year. Stay tuned with posts coming on the Community Huddle including Open Space, Test Coffee, Soapbox sessions with more events announced at the Conference. To find out what is happening in the Community Huddle see here.

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