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Tester in travel

  • 04/09/2012
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Some time ago, a tester had a desk, his own mug or his favourite posters on the wall of the same cubicle for many years. Nowadays things are a little bit different. Today a cup of coffee in Rome, lunch in Amsterdam and a notebook on a desk in San Francisco on the same day is possible. Rapidly changing times expect us to be always on the go. There are various projects developing across the globe, therefore people who perform this profession need to realize that their professional attitude should also be ever-evolving.

We are all taught how to be a tester – in what way defects can be found, techniques, tools which can be used, but nobody tells us that there is more to it than that. How to be a software tester regardless of localization? I would like to point out some characteristics of a new type of tester… the worldwide tester:

– Open-mind – an application is often built in a multicultural environment. Be open-minded to others, meet qualities of a nation you are going to co-operate with (i.e. shaking your head does not necessarily mean ‘No’).

– Precision – be precise in doing your job, both in speech and e-mails you distribute, more content in content.

– Mobility – since many companies have localization in different parts of the world, flexibility in travel would be an advantage. There is a possibility to work remotely, but in more complex projects face-to-face meeting is a quicker/better way to find solutions, draw more valuable conclusions, learning and knowledge sharing is absorbed differently then.

– Flexibility – there are 40 time zones, so it is impossible to have meetings when they suit you best. Schedule a meeting during the overlap, if it cannot happen stay longer in the office or connect remotely (another time someone will do this for you).

– Curiosity – explore solutions someone provides, feel free to ask, but do not feel offended if questions are directed to you.

– Politeness – interest others with your personality, this can help in problematic situations. Just smile even during a telephone conversation. Sometimes there are problems with communication (language, different backgrounds, professional experience), do not give up just understand and try to help.

Travel from a tester’s perspective does not only mean grabbing a ticket and getting on a plane, but it is also an exchange of knowledge, culture and best practices. Some people claim ‘the world is a global village’, yet they admit that distances are still great. Testing is similar everywhere. Meet people, travel the world, learn from the best and share knowledge, which is what describes a tester in travel.


daniel wileński_95x122Daniel is a Testing Specialist at Soflab Technology. The adventure with testing Daniel started at childhood, but professionally in 2006. He had the opportunity to work at every level of software development lifecycle. Test leading in medical or data processing company allowed him to work out his leader skills. Besides testing everything in life, he spends his spare time to figure out what place on the world’s map will be his next goal to visit.

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