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Testing Excellence Winner – Martin Pol

  • 20/10/2014
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Last week we started taking nominations for this year’s Testing Excellence Award. The Testing Excellence Award was first presented in 1999 and the 16th Testing Excellence Award will be presented to someone at this year’s EuroSTAR Conference in Dublin.

The Award was designed to recognise the people who have most influenced our testing careers – colleagues, mentors, coaches, team-leaders, visionaries, hard-workers, persuasive thinkers and so on… those who help us achieve more, be more, and aim for more.

We have decided to take a look at some of the previous Testing Excellence Award recipients and what they are doing now.

martin pol_webIn Barcelona, Spain back in 1999, the first ever Testing Excellence award was presented to Martin Pol.

Since 1983, Martin Pol has completely dedicated himself to the field of Testing. He has played a significant role in helping to raise the awareness and improve the performance of testing worldwide. He has gained experience by managing testing processes and implementing structured testing in many organizations in different branches. With exceptional insight and experience in practical testing issues, Martin is a highly regarded presenter (keynotes, tutorials and track presentations) at conferences and training sessions throughout Europe, North and South America, India, China and Australia. He chaired three EuroSTAR Conferences. Nowadays he’s frequently asked to present about the innovations in the IT and the related impact on the craft of software testing.


Martin was responsible for the creation of the structured testing approach TMap® (Test Management Approach) and the Test Process Improvement model, TPI®. Both TMap® and TPI® have become world standards, they are being applied by numerous organisations. Books of both methods have become available in Dutch, German, English, French and the Japanese and Chinese language. Martin recently co-authored the best-seller “Testing Cloud Services”, published by Rocky Nook Inc., USA (2013). This book is also available in Dutch and Chinese.

In 1997 he founded the Dutch association for IT testing professionals, TestNet, which he presided for 5 years. In 2002, he was appointed Honorary Member of TestNet. With over 1500 members (2014), TestNet represents a respected cornerstone in today’s Dutch IT-landscape.

On account of his special contribution to the European testing industry, Martin Pol was the first to receive the European Testing Excellence Award in Munich, Germany, in 1998.

In 2000 Martin Pol, together with his colleague Marjolein Steyerberg, established Polteq, a company providing international services in the area of testing. Under his management and also due to his vast knowledge of the testing industry and his view on future developmental issues, the firm has grown from 2 to 100+ employees in The Netherlands and Belgium. Because of the excellent growth Polteq was awarded with the prestigious FD Gazelle Award in 2008.

In 2010 Martin Pol received a Royal decoration for his important role in the development of the structured testing of IT systems in the Netherlands.
Since Martin handed over the general management of Polteq to Alain Bultink in October 2012, he spends a lot of time studying the innovations in the IT and the effect of that for the business and testing in particular.

In the last two decennia Martin has also played an important role in the development and implementation of testing in emerging markets such as India, Brazil, Mexico and China.

Nominations are now being accepted for this year’s European Testing Excellence Award 2014. Full details here.

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