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Testing Slow Flows Fast

  • 16/06/2011
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th8 - dominic maes co-speaker webWe live in a world where instant fulfillment is a keyword when doing business. Everything seems to be going faster and faster in our ‘online’ world. Customers don’t want to wait for services and products anymore: ‘Wow, I need that iPhone right now!’, ‘I need those tickets for your concert tomorrow’, etc…

Modern economics are based on these consumer principles. Too often, we forget about ‘slower’ processes that need to be automated in our information services. And let me be clear, ‘slower’ is still relatively fast. We are not talking days or months here, but minutes and hours.
Test – automating those processes can be a bit tricky. Why even bother using test automation tools to complete a flow that can take several hours? Automated end-2-end testing on these ‘slow flows’, that use independent systems and are perhaps sensitive to different timers, is not that difficult. Using a record and playback tool combined with some scripts is all it takes.
You simply need some kind of scheduler and you’re back on track for testing thousands of test cases.

domin coverBy using an ‘action queue’ in your automated test framework, in combination with a scheduler, you can easily adapt your automated scripts to perform many actions while the tool is waiting for processing to finish. This kind of ‘interrupt processing’ is a solution for every application flow that can take up many hours in total before having finished and where interaction between independent systems is reflected in a database. This framework can even check timers and delays of processes without much hassle. To me, this type of framework
has proven its reliability and usability. It has become a standard for automated testing of high volumes in ‘slow processing’ Read More…

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