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Testing Time Outs

  • 18/02/2011
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Sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee as we bring you six Testing Time Outs recorded at EuroSTAR 2010 in Copenhagen.

So, what is a Testing Time Out?

A Testing Time Out is a short opinion piece from a software testing professional, in which they share their thoughts on what they believe to be the hot topics in the testing world. Lasting no longer than a coffee break, these presentations are designed to provide you with valuable insights and information from the comfort of your own desk.

At 10am every Friday for the next six weeks we will deliver a Testing Time Out directly to your inbox. (That’s if you are part of the EuroSTAR community – if not, click here to join – it only takes a minute!) So put the kettle on; perhaps grab a colleague or two and see what some of the leading minds in the testing industry have to say. Who knows, it may spark further discussion and debate within your group! To find out who will be presenting the Testing Time Outs and when CLICK HERE

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