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Testing Time Outs with Markus and Paul

  • 19/04/2011
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A Testing Time Out is a short opinion piece from a software testing professional, in which they share their thoughts on what they believe to be the hot topics in the testing world. Lasting no longer than a coffee break, these presentations are designed to provide you with valuable insights and information from the comfort of your own desk. Our final two Testing Time Outs were presented by Markus Gartner and Paul Gerrard.

Markus Gartner spoke about alternatives paths for self education for testers at EuroSTAR 2010 in Copenhagen. One of these alternative paths is to participate in a ‘Testing Dojo.’ This Testing Time Out discusses the topic further.

Paul Gerrard was the proud recipient of the ‘European Testing Excellence Award’ at EuroSTAR 2010 in Copenhagen. Paul has worked closely on Testing Axioms over the past few years and this Time Out takes a look at these.

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