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TestLab & Cartoon Tester

  • 02/12/2010
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In this blogpost I want to highlight two wonderful things happening at EuroSTAR 2010.

TestLab organized by James Lyndsay and Bart Knaack

This is my first experience of actual *testing* in a conference. It is like a lab where you test, interact with other testers, find the most important bug, attend sessions on key products. Learning about different products, hands-on experience of some cool tools is a real take away from the TestLab. James and Bart are assisted by Henrik and Martin. The folks at TestLab have done a great job in setting up the lab and making this entire experience a memorable one. There is a bug repository setup where you can log bugs which you find in the lab.

They have developed a cool way to inform others when you have found a bug. You are given a toy which makes a funny sound. If you find a bug, you just need to use the toy to let others know about the bug. Imagine finding a bug and squeezing the toy chicken to make a funny sound. :)

Yesterday we had a Weekend Testing session at the TestLab during the lunch hour. We tested two different products and focussed on two missions. Each testing session was restricted to 15 minutes followed by a debrief session. Some interesting bugs were discovered.

If you want to test your testing skills, participate in the Testing Dojos which will take place in the TestLab today lunch time.

The next best thing which could happen to EuroSTAR 2010 is the presence of the Cartoon Tester stall right next to the reception. If you are not aware of The Cartoon Tester , feel free to visit Andy Glover will be available at the stall, signing cartoons and meeting some of his fans. :)

Some of his cartoons are up for sale and the proceeds go to charity. A worthy cause to support. Most of his creations apart from being funny, are real thought provoking cartoons.

If you have not yet visited The TestLab or The Cartoon Tester stalls, you are definitely missing something.

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